If you have pets or children, mention that to the cleaning company before you hire them. Certain products are harmful to pets or children, while certain pet odors or stains will need to be treated with special cleaners. If you let them know up front, you won't end up with any surprises later.Make sure that you are able to be home when professional … Read More

Call it a cop-out if you like, but seriously, predicting which logistics and supply chain trends will make a difference to businesses in any given year has become notoriously difficult, given the speed at which technology in particular can suddenly disrupt the way things are done. The Center staff engages with a variety of logistics technology expe… Read More

Howdoo is a decentralized social platform for users, content creators, and advertisers. Implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, µDoo will be the vehicle for transferring value across the entire Howdoo network. Howdoo (uDoo) is a decentralized social platform for users, content creators, & advertisers. That's because we bel… Read More

Most men direction to pubs, bars, and clubs similar to trying to meet women, but the definite is, these places are not the best different if you're enthusiastic in a huge relationship. True, lots of single women go to bars for a fun night out, but they either won't appreciate innate hit by a stranger or they're just not avid in a long-term relation… Read More

The fourth generation Corvette was a radical departure from General Motors early Corvette engineering. It eliminated a perimeter frame to support the suspension and driveline. Two front frame rails integrated into the first ever Corvette uni-body construction. This made for an interesting driveline mounting installation. The front suspensio… Read More